Equipment Support

Medical Equipment on Rent

As per the recommendation of the clinician we install these devices at the patient’s home.

Oxygen Concentrator

Forget about those days when the biggest challenge of Oxygen Therapy was the cylinder refilling !! Hardly you got an idea of When,Where and How to arrange this when you need it at the most.

New Generation Oxygen Concentrator is just a simple Plug N Play device. You need not to run with a huge cylinder to get refilled.

Available in Stationary ( For domestic use ) and Portable ( For travel ) form.

Portable one id just about 2.5 KG* of weight and run on battery with 4 Hrs* of backup.

Hospital Bed with Air Mattress

You can choose from our multiple range of beds, both of manual and motor driven.
Both the variety comes with Fowler and Semi Fowler mode.

A wide range of Air Mattress are available from Fixed Pressure to Fluctuating Pressure. Starting from 2 inch to 10 inch of thickness. Clinicians can choose depending upon degree of wound.

PAP Therapy

All kind of CPAP and Bi Level PAP machines are available.

To match the requirement of different clinical needs, we deal with multiple manufacturers and vendors. One can choose from our wide range of therapy delivery masks.

We also conduct home based Polysomnography Study ( Sleep Disorder Evaluation Test ).

Setup a complete Homecare facility todayConsult with our Patient Care Manager for FREE NOW !!

After the hospitalization period, many patient needs a proper recovery arrangement at home. Sometimes, you may need to make a perfect medical setup to provide the best comfort to your loved one as part of palliative treatment. We are here to assist you when your doctor asks to arrange a medical setup at your home. It's always a specialized job where experienced matters a lot. Talk with our Patient Care Manager today and get the best guidance on your patient's specific needs. And this is absolutely FREE of charges !!