Oxygen Concentrator on Rent

Oxygen Concentrator has changed the way you get oxygen at home. Gone are the days when one had to run in the night to refill a oxygen cylinder. Even It is also quite challenging to move that heavy cylinder from one place to another. Moreover, being inflammable in nature, it might be quite risky to store it at home.

Oxygen Concentrator has erased all these challenges !! The machine doesn’t store any oxygen inside. And, it just start ‘producing’ oxygen the moment you put it on normal domestic electric supply. Hence, there will be no chance of potential fire hazard with oxygen.

So, no more refill, no potential fire Hazard, Easiest operation, Most economic for long term use.

Avoid using potentially hazardous oxygen cylinders. Embrace a Oxygen Concentrator today.

Oxygen Concentrator is just a Plug-n-Play device like other household device. It separates Oxygen from other gases that presents in the atmosphere. This is an instant process which produces fresh Oxygen at once. One can control the concentration level of Oxygen flow.

Oxygen Concentrator is very easy to use. And, it’s not at all cumbersome like a conventional cylinder. You need not be worries for refilling it again and again. Therefore, this is highly economic for patients who needs oxygen support for longer duration of a day.

Unlike cylinder, one can move this machine very easily. No oxygen is stored inside the machine, unlike cylinder. Hence, there is no potential fire hazard associated with this option. We got 5LPM, 8LPM and 10LPM options from different manufacturers. Moreover, Oxygen Concentrator is available against rent for short term use.

If the patient would like to move out of home with Oxygen Support, Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the best option. This is available with  2 hrs to 8 hrs of battery backup  for uninterrupted oxygen support. You can get the battery backup from car battery as well when on move by car.

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