Motorized Hospital Bed & Air Mattress

Make patient’s recovery phase more comfortable with . By getting a Hospital Bed at your home. We address the clinical needs of your patient more scientifically to choose the best bed for you. Therefore, get the most economic Manual Fowler bed for general support. And, for most critical scenario, avail a Motorized ICU type bed. You can get all beds on monthly rent basis. You also can purchase your own bed as well. 

Moreover, bedsore is a progressive critical medical condition. Hence, to combat bed sore and pressure ulcer get our Air Mattress today. Though, you need correct grade of mattress to address specific stage of bedsore. For a preventive solution, a normal bubble type mattress is sufficient enough for most scenarios. But, for bedsore of higher degree, opt for our cylindrical mattress on rent basis.

Manual Hospital / Fowler Bed

We have different types of Manual Hospital Beds. Basic beds are iron strutchered. Fitted with wheels and both side railings. A rotating lever will popup & pop down the bed from both leg and head side.

Imported bed got same types of technical facility with modular & elegant looks. Head board and leg board are made out of fiber material.

Both these type of beds are available on rent basis also.

Motorized Hospital / Fowler Bed

Three and five position motorized ICU beds are available with wired remote. These are aesthetically build and carry heavy weight patients comfortably.

Beds are available on rent basis.

Fluctuating Pressure Air Mattress (Cylindrical Cell)

Fighting with a Bedsore had never been that easy !! A Landmark technology to manage most complicated Bedsore. These automatic air mattress are ideal for advance grade bedsore or pressure ulcer. Cylindrical cell air mattress are available on rent basis.

Fluctuating Pressure Air Mattress (Bubble Type)

This basic type of air mattress is ideal for asymptomatic patients, who have no sign and symptom of bedsore or pressure ulcer. Or, they have already recovered from such condition. But, there is potential chance of immobility of the patient due to other medical condition and he has to stay on bed for longer period.

Hence, use this as a Preventive measure. And if the Bedsore already reached at the advance stage, avail the advanced alternative of mattress.