Sleep Apnea Management: We offer CPAP machine for management of Sleep Apnea. Our huge range of Automatic CPAP machine are available on monthly rent basis.

Polysomnography & Sleep Study

Sleep Apnea is a disorder of one’s breathing  pattern. Whereas, Polysomnography or Sleep Study Test is an overnight study of one’s sleep parameters. We conduct this test at the comfort of your home.

During the test, the technician will attach different types of sensors on face, chest and legs of the patient. These are to  asses the Snore Score, Eye movement, Limb movement, Chest movement, Body position, Oxygen saturation in blood and and event of complete or partial airway blockage.

If you got sign & symptoms of Sleep Apnea, then, go for the screening today. It’s easy and convenient.

CPAP Therapy

Not much options are available to manage Sleep Apnea. Though, CPAP therapy is widely accepted with very very positive outcome. Therefore, CPAP is the only time tested, trusted and easy solution for this complex health condition.

First, get your Sleep Test done and consult your doctor for opinion. Once he recommends for CPAP therapy, then contact us for further information.

We do provide CPAP machine on Rent basis. Which is the best cost effective way to start with. Moreover, you will also have a fair idea on the treatment process and it’s outcome. Once you are fully satisfied with the outcome, then you can purchase your own machine.

Choose from our wide range of Automatic CPAP machines which fits you the best. And, always consult your doctor for his opinion.

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